LoveSport offers a number of sporting initiatives and coaching opportunities around Kent, on the court in clubs and schools.  Tennis combines core sporting skills and athleticism for all ages, raising the standard of everyone's sporting ability.

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Members and players:

We provide enriched environments for people to enjoy all aspects of tennis coaching, competition, dynamic group activity, delivered in a creative and fun way.

Our values are what makes us:

  • Building supportive groups

  • Being positive role models

  • Instil self-esteem

  • Emphasize development over winning

  • Help students to cope and learn through failures

  • Connecting to club history

When you give tennis your time you gain skill. Give tennis your effort and tennis will give you life enlightening lessons.  


Integrating tennis into a curriculum is the easy bit. Developing the skill to a higher level in school is the part that requires the most creativity.


To maximise the opportunity for children in school 'tennis for everyone' and 'catering for the gifted is essential'.

Developing a programme that encompasses both parts of the journey needs both the school and LoveSport to share the same goal of sporting inclusion and growing skill.

If your school is looking to enhance the sporting provisions for its students, then LoveSport is here help.

"Children deserve the opportunity to fulfil their potential.  Schools working together with their sporting provider enables a child to receive a first class education and first class sporting development....." Lee Friend

We help clubs implement ability structures, timetabling and tennis delivery.  Lightening the responsibilities and demands for club volunteers, knowing the tennis services are delivered professionally, organised effectively creating value and enjoyment for members.


Children are the future in tennis.   Exposing children to more fun and energetic tennis experiences, this nurtures a positive attitude towards sport and tennis clubs.  We are big on enthusiasm and motivational opportunities and aim to push each child's sporting potential.

There is so much to be involved with, school projects, tennis classes for adults and juniors, holiday camps, birthday parties. We are a complete tennis delivery service for clubs and their members.