LoveSport Eniriched Camps
Fun, energy packed sporty enjoyment..... the LoveSport way

We love raising the standards of sporting delivery and provide enriched, fun, learning experiences for children.

With the feedback we have received LoveSport has further developed our service to provide a very special product designed to help parents and children:

  • finding quality energy burning tennis and multi-sport activity for their children

  • additional learning opportunities with qualified primary school teachers to maintain retention of KS1 and KS2 Maths, English and Modern Foreign Language

  • needing a little longer child care

We call it... 

LoveSport Enriched Camps

Extending our service to give children boosters in their core subjects of Numeracy, English & Literacy, Phonics and Modern Foreign Language is an opportunity for children to recall their skills in an active sport related way.

The centre of the learning the LoveSport way is creativity and we are thrilled to be supporting children this way.  An Enriched Camp is not a service whereby the sport and activity plays a secondary role.  Multi-sport and tennis is still the core theme and priority.

The itinerary of a typical LoveSport Enriched Camp is as follows:

09:30 start

 - 1.5 hours of on court activity including tennis and multi-sports instruction

 - 15min break and snack

 - 1hour of Active based Numeracy.  Recalling and retaining mathematic skills with qualified teacher

 - 15min break and snack

 - 1hour of on court team games

13:30 End

The additional learning of core subjects is somewhat of a hidden gem in the offering.  We don't want children to sense any pressure in the participation of the chosen subject, just to have fun exploring it and recalling skills, hence us teaming up with experienced, creative teaching staff 'who get the method and ethos' of learning with LoveSport.