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There are so many combinations of string combinations and tensions.  Here’s my best shot at making things simple so you can make a confident decision.


Option 1 - Back to factory: £22
Most rackets come out of the factory with a fairly basic string most would just call synthetic gut.
It’s not a poor quality string and it would suit most players needs.   It's relatively ok on durability and strung slap bang in the middle of the suggested tension range for the racket.  If you just want to return your racket back to its original state then choose this option.


Option 2 - Something more tailored:£24
If you know your game and whether you need a little more control from the racket or more power, then just an increase or decrease on the suggested string tension might be more what you need.
If you break strings a lot I suggest you steer away from strings that increase spin as this will exacerbate the situation unless you are happy to take the gain of spin for the loss of durability.

The longer you have strings in the racket the longer they have to change from the tension they were strung at, super durability is really a rather pointless quality for racket string.

I use Head Sonic Pro which is actually a factory string however I use a slightly smaller diameter (they break slightly sooner but have a greater bite into the ball generating a little more spin).


Option 3 - Uniqueness: £ depends on the string and if you supply, we will be competitively priced. 

Hybrid stringing with different string types, gauges and shapes make for something you've spent some time perfecting.  If you have invested the time experimenting and know exactly what you want, speak to us and we'll get it done your way.   Supplying your own string or special ordering is no problem.

Just remember, every change has an equal and opposite effect.  

Add power you’ll lose some control, add durability you’ll lose feel.

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