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Lee is well known locally for his contribution to tennis, inspiring all ages to play and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Experienced in nurturing grass roots tennis through to developing the senior game.

As a father of two he understands the challenges of a busy family life.  He appreciates family time is a precious thing and time spent having fun is a vital tonic to life.

Something from Lee:

'The learning process fascinated me when I started coaching at 14 and it still fascinates me 22 years later. 

During this time I've seen people develop as players and as individuals.  Tennis can contribute to skills assisting in different walks of life.  Gaining resilience and future-proofing children via a great game is a win-win.


I take great pride in how tennis is delivered and the environment being created it all contributes to a greater sense of emotional, physical and behavioural well being ... let's not forget how much fun it is too!'




Enthusiastic about all aspects of tennis (and life), Louise blends fun with technical knowledge to ensure each and every learning opportunity is maximised.   High energy, with a confidence-boosting coaching style, Louise has two young players of her own and so fully understands the pressures of combining school and sporting life, while enjoying the learning process as much as possible in between.

Something from Louise:

Despite having a very sweet tooth, I'm passionate about healthy living and believe what you put in is what you get out ... nutritionally and athletically.   Like Lee, I try to equip children with life skills through sport and am totally convinced the discipline learnt on court, as well as agility and a healthy desire to win optimises this.   Teaching a little bit of diplomacy, a few words of French and a politely large helping of sporting etiquette is also high up on my To Do List!



Having Luke on board assisting creates an even further enriched coaching environment for us all. 

He is great fun to be around and has a natural quality where children look up to him.

It's a privilege both ways that we have had Luke with us on his own long tennis journey but also brilliant for Luke to have further mentoring and seeing how coaches and clubs operate.  I hope whatever career direction he walks the full circle experience of enjoying, training, competing and teaching helps Luke entering his adult life.  

Something from Luke:


I was first introduced to tennis at the age of 3 when my mum booked me into a tennis camp one easter.  I think more so she could have a coffee in peace!

Lee coached me and with his help I am the tennis player I am today. My claim to fame is getting through to a large club National Finals and although without victory, the experience was another level.  Now aged 14, I play in men’s league tennis.  I’ve met some truly great people of all ages and backgrounds and had fun along the way.  It’s rewarding to see people go from never even holding a tennis racket to being able to play a game.

My aim is to give back some of the experience and fun I have learned over the years to those just starting out and those who want to progress further.  That's reward in itself for me.  When Lee asked me to help I saw this as a great honour and am loving my role!



Jenson is one quality athlete I've been lucky to see develop both as a player and as a person.  He could turn his hand to any sport and be a skilled performer.  Fortunately for us, tennis was one of the sports he has stayed close to!

Still just 13 years old but now integrating into some adult classes, Jensen’s manners, court presence and training discipline are all fine examples of how a person’s life can be positively enriched through sport.  He makes his family proud as the eldest child and by becoming a fine young gentleman and wonderful role model for children.

Something from Jenson:

Mia Saunders

Mia is one hard-working and dedicated individual from whom children can learn so much.  She was always recognised as someone who would get stuck into training and be the first red face on the court.  This hard work has paid off and she now owns effortless striking skills and athleticism.  I cherish the memories of training on court with Mia and her team mates. As a group they gelled, progressing together and consequently developing an important friendship unit of really great kids.   Juggling academic studies, sport and family life is just one experience Mia can assist our juniors with ... she has walked this path and succeeded!

Something from Mia: