What are you #LoveSporting ?


LoveSport Competition!

This seriously cool picture got us thinking, what else do you guys get up to in your LoveSport merch?

The Summer break is nearly here and no doubt there will be some awesome summer excursions all over the world and we want you to share it for a chance to win a lesson with a LoveSport coach.

You'll need your merch first but to enter simply send in your picture of you on location with your LoveSport kit via our facebook page and use the hashtag #LoveSporting or you can email us and we'll share it for you.


A panel of experts (children) will decide which one of you is the winner.  Let the snapping begin!

*conditions apply.

*Only proper LoveSport merch qualifies as an entry.  You can enter as many pictures as you want, the wittier, unusual and more special the better, no age restrictions, competition ends Sept 1st 2019