LoveSport Wall of
Distinctive Behaviour


How do you make it on to the famed wall..?

It's complicated!


It's true I have complicated opinions for handing out rewards and I don't believe a shiny award plays a part in the persons overall development.

The reward in this trophy form is a by-product of someone's effort and shouldn't bear a direction on their further effort, that just stays the same whether they have the trophy or not.  This is precisely why the individual's behaviour should be recognised and recognised for the benefit of all not necessarily for the performer themselves.

I believe their true reward will come from the accomplishment of the challenge they're engaged in, that is their motivation and reward bundled together in one hit.  The trophy is pretty but its not necessarily what their winner really wants to get their hands on.  I told you it was a complicated opinion but if you fancy understanding this a bit more check out this link here...

- Lee Friend


Purpose Fuelled Performances
Georgie Syrett - 2022

Georgie nicknamed G, has grown to become one of the most intrinsically motivated people I've met.  the purpose she brings to her training session is contagious.  If you play G you know she will try to outwork you.  She is first to arrive and first to be warming up on court, these small behaviours add up to great things and over the years this work rate will compound itself and her performances will become stronger and stronger.

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Overcoming Adversity
Holly Buckley - 2022

Holly always arrives in a positive frame of mind and joyful attitude despite what the previous day or night she has had.  i'm not sure how she does it and that is whats makes this behaviour so special.  I have family like holly who have diabetes.  It isn't easy managing diabetes and you have a lot to learn in a short space of time yet holly is a warrior and carries on.  she tackles the challenge that she has no choice in but to engage it and deal with it, no bitterness or question why.  She hits it head on and wont let it hold her back.

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Process Before Result
Imogen Mockford - 2022

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Going about something the right way despite a situation offering an easier but a less effective route could be a way to describe courage.  Imogen is showing she is a player at that time of a big point or moment in a rally she does the right thing.  she commits to the decision and the action it requires.  that is identified in few and mastered by even fewer.  but that is not all she has going for her, she is the the first person to offer help, encourage others and has a natural ability around children that choose to look up to her.  having children look up to you is a privilege Imogen wears so well.  if you see Imogen around ask her if she would prefer a trophy or a kick serve...

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