Player Pathway
From Tot to Veteran, there's a LoveSport pathway fit for the journey.
Junior Pathway

Building enjoyable, dynamic and energetic classes is a talent hard to master.  We've had a lot of practice and have the know-how to create the right environment using age & ability to bring the right people together.

Ball colour is set on age, class number designation is matched to the experience of the player.

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Tots tennis - Fun with some fun thrown and fun sprinkled on top.  Tennis and athletic skills practised in the form play.

3 years to full time education


Red tennis -  is for small people with small rackets on a small court and a slower ball.

Its bags of fun and develops core skills to create athletic children who learn tennis faster.  Red is subdivided into ages/abilities 1 being eldest group of children, 3 being the youngest and least experienced.

Full time education to 8years old

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Orange tennis -  begins when turning 9yrs old and played in a 3/4 length court.  Orange tennis gives children the opportunity to develop tactical and technical skills with a slower ball and a court size to match their physique.

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Green 2.png
Green 1.png

Green tennis - as children turn 10years old they hit the green court.  Full-size court but a lower compression ball to slow the game down and keep the ball the correct height to help build the correct technique.

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Yellow 2.png
Yellow 1.png

Yellow tennis - this is tennis as we know it. Full size court, full speed ball as you are turning 11 years old.

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Occasionally we will designate a class as an invitation-only session.  This is because the children in this class have chosen tennis as their sport they are committed to.  Generally, these players will be playing more than twice a week and encouraged to compete.

Adult Pathway
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